Ms. Imrana Wazir , Press Registrar, M/o Information and Broadcasting


Ms. Imrana Wazir is an officer of the Information Group. Presently serving as Press Registrar, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Islamabad since January 2023.

She joined the Civil Service of Pakistan in 1996 in 24th Common Training Program. She has two master's degrees in Political Science and Public Policy from University of Peshawar and Queen Mary College, University of London respectively.

She has served in progressively responsible positions in Federal and Provincial Governments. She started her civil service career as Information Group Officer in Press Information Department, Peshawar. She worked for Regional Directorate of Ministry of Human Rights and as Chief Foreign Aid in Planing and Development Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In her rich and diverse professional career, she has also rendered services for Asian Development Bank and United Nations Pakistan.

In Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, she has served in Press Information Department (PID), External Publicity Wing and Internal Publicity Wing of the ministry. Before joining the Office of the Press Registrar, Islamabad, she has been working as Director General, Directorate of Electronic Media and Publications (DEMP). From where she has joined as the 16th Press Registrar from 23-01-2023 onwards.

Ms. Imrana Wazir

Press Registrar, M/o Information and Broadcasting