Registration Services

The Office of the Press Registrar issues Registration Certificates for titles of publication, news agencies, and printing press all over the country.  Registration with Press Registrar is mandatory under PNNBR Ordinance 2002 and Rules 2009.


Validity of Registration Certificate

The validity period of a registration certificate is 3 years. Under PNNBR Rules 2009, it has to be renewed after every three years. 


Registration Categories

Once a title gets authenticated declaration from the concerned Deputy Commissioner's office, it has to be registered with the Press Registrar Office. The publisher/ owner applies for registration through regional designated officers of Press Registrar all over the country. A brief detail about Registration with categories and types is given below; All Registration Proformas are available in the “Downloads” section of the official website. 

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Guidelines For Applicant

Office of the Press Registrar has issued guidelines for the applicants who desire to register the title of publication, news agency, and printing press. 

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Documents Required For Registration

Certain documents are mandatory to be submitted along with proformas for Registration (Fresh/ Renewal). Detail of documents required to be furnished with the request is also available on the website.

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Registration Fee

Office of the Press Registrar is charging a fee for the issuance of a Registration Certificate (Fresh/ Renewal) for titles of publications, news agencies, and printing presses from all over the country. The fee can be deposited in any branch of State Bank or National Bank of Pakistan's Account No. C03886. It contributed to the National Exchequer.

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